There’s a great deal of activity in Chichester with many Lodges, Chapters and other orders that meet regularly at the Centre in South Pallant; here is a summary, just click on the name for more details

............ First, the Craft Lodges that meet here:

Lodge Of Union No 38

This lodge is the oldest in Chichester and has been the mother lodge for many others. There are records of activity dating from 1750 although it officially commenced in it’s current form in 1812

Owers Light Lodge No 7756

Originally formed by yachtsmen this lively lodge is distinguished by organising a “Trafalgar Night” every year to celebrate that great maritime victory.

Bishop Edward Story Lodge No 8256

This lodge is named after the Bishop of Chichester that founded the Prebendal School and built the Cross  in the centre of the city, in the fifteenth century.

Witterings Lodge No 8863

Formed as the daughter lodge of St Richards, this is another sociable lodge that holds regular non masonic events such as skittles evenings.

West Sussex Masters Lodge No 8963

This lodge serves the whole of West Sussex and is open to masters of any lodges. The lively activities are focused on lectures and recitals rather than ceremonies.

A new shooting sports lodge, Artemis No 9964, has been consecrated and now meets at the Chichester Centre. It’s open to any masons who are interested in game or clay shooting and will have a strong shooting theme. Dress will be what you’d wear for a formal pheasant shoot with game on the menu. Visitors or potential members are most welcome.

We meet four times a year, on the second Tuesday in February, April, September and November. For details visit  or email


...........The Chapters That Meet Here:

...........Other Orders that meet here: