Chichester Masonic Centre – At The Heart Of Freemasonry In The City

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Located in the middle of the Georgean heart of the city, the Chichester Masonic Centre is the home to many local Lodges and related orders. With a superb temple for meetings, a welcoming bar and extensive dining facilities it’s an ideal venue for masonic meetings.

There is a large dining hall on the ground floor that can accommodate the largest of meetings; for smaller, more intimate gatherings the bar area can be used

No matter what the meeting is you’re always assured of a warm welcome here!

The impressive temple is able to accommodate the largest of lodges and has many outstanding features. For example the tracing boards, which are enclosed in a box on the wall, date back to the 19th Century.


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There’s plenty of room for the Lodges of Instruction, which regularly meet at the centre. They are either held in the temple, a dedicated room on the second floor or in the robing room adjacent to the temple.

The centre has different facilities to accommodate anything from a modest, intimate festive board to a major dinner or Ladies Night. The two bars will ensure you miss out on a drink and the caterers have established an enviable reputation for the quality of dinners provided.



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Naturally these facilities are available for both members and appropriate non-members to use for private, public or business events. For details go to the Pallant Suite Website by clicking on the logo opposite or the button on the menu bar